Things have come a long way since Charles August Fey invented the first slot machine in San Francisco back in 1894. These days, you can play modern video slots with bonus rounds, free spins, and fantastic graphics at top online casinos like One of the big advantages of playing slots at sites like Getlucky Casino is the sheer range of games you have access to. Whereas players in Las Vegas, Macao, or at any other land-based casino around the world may have to choose from a few dozen games, when you play online, you’ll have access to a constantly updated library of slots. There are so many that you couldn’t play them all even if you tried. With games from NetEnt, Microgaming, NYX, Yggdrasil, ORYX, and many others, you can be sure that you’ll be playing only the best online slots at Getlucky Casino. If you want to play slots for free, the good news is that you can try them without betting for real money when you create a new player account.

The Wonderful World of Online Slots

We could talk about the history of slot machines all day long. However, instead of running through the entire 140 year period that has seen slots evolve from bar-top games to the video slots of today, we’ll just cover the basic types of slots instead.
  • Antique Slots – Back in Charles Fey’s day, slots sat on top of a bar or table. You placed your wager with the bartender and watched two plastic horses race or something similar. Fey changed that by enabling punters to place a nickel in the machine and spin the reels, hence the name “slot machine.” His Liberty Bell slot is widely recognized as the first modern slot machine, although it would be an antique slot machine nowadays.
  • Classic Slots – Fey had to quit his job to keep up with the demand for his new slot machines, and competitors soon started trying to get in on the action. Slots began to evolve quickly, and soon what we would now recognize as classic slots were available. These are often three-reel games with basic features like nudges. Symbols are mostly fruits and things like stars, 7s, and gold coins. There are also classic slots online, and you can play some of them at Getlucky Casino.
  • Video Slots – In the 80s, electronic slots could be found in Vegas and elsewhere, but they were a bit of a flop. Players loved to pull the handle or hit the buttons and watch the reels spin. However, fully digital slots took off like a rocket alongside the internet. All sorts of new features were woven into games such as free spins, bonus wheels, picking games, expanding symbols, cascading reels, and more. Many of these new video slots are like video games – you can get deeply involved in them for hours on end.
  • Jackpot Slots – We’re going to tell you more about jackpot slots below. However, here’s a taster – some of these can make you an instant millionaire. There are two kinds of jackpot slots. The first have fixed jackpots, and the second kind have progressive jackpots which grow bigger with every bet. Getlucky Casino has a section dedicated to jackpot slots.
  • Mobile Slots – Most online slot games are compatible with mobile phones and tablets. However, there’s a category of slot game made especially for mobile devices. You’ll find some of these in the Getlucky mobile casino. Tap, spin, and (hopefully) collect.

Free Slots

Did you know that all new Getlucky players can try the slots for free? With a new account, you can play free slots in what is known as “demo mode.”  You can’t win real money, but you will be able to suss out the games, get a feel for how they work, assess how volatile they are, trigger and try the bonus features, and more, all without depositing any money. While you probably already have your own reasons for wanting to play free slot games, you should also use this opportunity to try out different slot strategies. While most players just deposit, spin, and hope for the best, we don’t take this approach, and we don’t recommend it. Each slot should be tested, and you should devise a strategy to suit the characteristics of the game.  For example, if a game has large multipliers, it makes sense to bet a little bigger in the hope of maximizing payouts thanks to those multiplier values.

Jackpot Slots

You’ve already learned about the two types of jackpot slots.  Slots with fixed jackpots are self-explanatory – you can win fixed prizes, often worth thousands, for achieving certain objectives such as matching symbols, picking them, or spinning a bonus wheel. Progressive jackpot slots are a different beast. In these games, every bet you make, and every bet which every other player makes, contributes to a pooled jackpot. This goes on at every casino which offers the game, so the jackpots can build up really quickly. Eventually, some lucky guy or gal is going to win this jackpot, and some of them have won instant millions! For example, an English soldier once won over € 15 million playing Mega Moolah. While he didn’t win this jackpot at Getlucky Casino, you can play that same game there as well as several other popular progressive jackpot slots.




                       Mobile Slots – Tips for Playing

                All of the video slots on are mobile-friendly. However, before you go rushing in and play them we have a few tips for you. These are best                      practices for playing mobile slots in general.

  • Beware of Small Screens – While mobile slots are compatible with almost any device, screen size does matter. The bigger the screen, the better your player experience will be. If you have a tablet device such as an iPad, switch over and use it to play mobile slots.
  • Check Your Connection – One of the great things about mobile slot games is that you can play them on the move. Whether it’s on your lunch break or while waiting around for someone to arrive, you’ve got a mobile casino in your pocket to entertain you. However, be sure the connection is strong. The last thing you want is for a weak signal to cause the game to stop working just as you’re about to land the fifth symbol required to win a jackpot.
  • Be Careful What You Touch – Have you ever tried to tap something on your mobile screen only to accidentally touch something else? It’s happened to the best of us. The last thing you want is to accidentally press the “max bet” button on a high-stakes slot. Be precise when playing mobile slots, and again, a bigger screen can help here.